The Need

Bible teachers who rightly handle the Word of God are essential in today’s Church. Within the congregation, home group, children’s club, youth group and amongst the elderly — indeed wherever the Bible is taught — we need people who can teach God’s Word in the power of the Spirit.

The Course

Since 2005, the Ministry Training Course has been running on Tuesdays at St Ebbe’s Church in Oxford, equipping women and men to grow in their faith and minister God’s word to others. In 2020-21, due to the pandemic, the course moved fully online. From September 2021, we are delighted to offer the course in person in Oxford as well as fully online, to make it as accessible as possible (full details below).

After beginning the day in prayer and song, the elements of the course are as follows:

  • Optional Bible Reading Group (9-10am). Each week we read roughly 25 chapters from Scripture in advance, then meet to discuss the reading. We will cover the whole Bible in 2 years. There are questions to guide your reading, and highlight some key features of those chapters
  • Bible Expositions. Series of teaching on different books of the Bible.
  • Doctrine and Practical Ministry
  • Workshops. Students give talks in small groups and receive feedback.
  • Bible Overview

The course is one day per week (Tuesdays 10:15 – 3:45); running for three 10 week terms (starting mid-September).  Current and upcoming term dates can be found here.

ways to study

  • In person. Attend MTC in Oxford on a Tuesday. The more ‘lecture’ sessions will be all together in St Ebbe’s main church building, and your small group will meet in one of the adjoining rooms from 1:30-2:30pm. This is an accessible space with accessible toilet facilities. Should you require further assistance to access the course please let us know in your application form or by contacting us.
  • Online. For the ‘lecture’ sessions you are welcome either to join live on Tuesdays in a Zoom meeting (giving the option to interact with others in breakout rooms and ask questions) or to watch video recordings of the sessions in your own time. Your small group will not meet on a Tuesday, but will be Thursday evening, via Zoom.

The online option will be suitable for two main groups of people: those who cannot get to Oxford on a Tuesday, but also those who work on a Tuesday and so want to access the course at other times of the week. If you chose this online option, the only fixed commitment will be your evening small group – for the ‘lecture’ sessions you can chose to join live or via recording as you wish (e.g. dependent on work or childcare that week).

The Participants

MTC draws 90-120 students each year from over 30 different churches. The course is open to women and men with evangelical convictions of all ages who want to grow in their faith, and minister God’s word to others.

We are delighted to be a diverse group from many churches and backgrounds. We don’t all agree on every issue, and this is a strength of the course, as we celebrate our unity in gospel essentials, and learn charity on secondary issues.

It is ideal for church workers and ‘apprentices’ as well as any who have the opportunity to teach the Bible and have the desire to be better equipped to do so.

Please note: There are other similar ministry training courses around the country. We’re delighted to welcome people from outside the South Central region (last year we had students from The Gambia, Isle of Skye, Wales…) but we encourage you first to see if there is a local course that you could be involved with. Please be in touch if you’d like advice about what options there may be near you. 


Students are asked to pay £220 per term for the course. Fees are due on the first day of each term.  If you are a Church Worker your church may be willing to pay all or part of this fee.

The fees we charge do not fully cover all the costs of MTC, so if you would like to support the work, you can find out how to do so here.

What is the course like?

Here are two MTC students speaking about their experience of the course.

Next Steps

The application window for the 2021/22 course is now closed. Please check back to this page in May 2022 to apply for the 2022/2023 academic year. 


Matt Searles, Ministry Training Course Director



Term Dates

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Contact us

Please do be in touch if you have any questions about MTC


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