Thank you for considering giving to support us

The South Central Gospel Partnership is a group of evangelical churches in the south central region of England working together to promote the gospel of Christ. This includes strengthening and planting churches and training leaders. 

Our current primary means of achieving this purpose is through running Bible training courses and conferences that enable people to better understand, apply and teach the Bible. These courses and conferences are open to all who wish to attend.

Most notably our weekly Ministry Training Course is attended by over 100 men and women seeking to grow in their faith, and be equipped to minister God’s word to others.

In making our training widely accessible, our course fees are insufficient to cover our expenditure, and so we rely on donations to enable our work to flourish. We are also grateful for many volunteers who give of their time and skills.


If you would like to donate to support the work of South Central Gospel Partnership, however large or small the amount please use the buttons below to either give online or to be in touch. Thank you for considering giving to support us.

We prepare annual accounts, which are independently examined and filed with the Charity Commission and Companies House.