Currently the primary source of income for the Gospel Partnership is the fees paid for Ministry Training Course attendance

In 2014 we appointed Matt Searles as Director of Training for the Gospel Partnership, with primary responsibility for the Ministry Training Course. The course was proving too large to be run without someone dedicated to it, to be a relational presence throughout the day, and to take on a significant amount of the teaching. Matt regularly preaches and offer training at churches throughout the region now that his role is fulltime.

We are seeking to raise £10,000 per year to fund the SCGP Director of Training post. We would like both individuals (‘patrons’) and churches to participate, in order to continue to develop the Gospel Partnership, and support the work of churches in the region.

There is a fundraising flyer which gives a little more information about the work of the partnership you can access here.

If you can contribute, however small or great the amount, please send an email via the contact form, and we can send full details.