The South Central Gospel Partnership is a group of Evangelical churches in the south central region of England working together to promote the gospel of Christ. This includes strengthening and planting churches and training leaders.

Building on relationships between churches that have grown over the last 12 years of the South Central Ministry Training Course, this Gospel Partnership initiative is formalising the friendship between like-minded churches in this region. It is our belief that certain things can be done better together than individually, and that the gospel will advance as we work together to promote Christ to the people of the South Central region.

As well as running the Day and Evening Courses, we aim to provide occasional events through the year with the aim of strengthening church leaders and members. See the ‘Events’ page for more information. In the future we hope, under God, to identify and plant churches in needy areas, and work together in evangelism. We will operate in two main geographical clusters centering on Reading and Oxford.

Our prayer is that the Gospel Partnership and the training courses we provide can be a support to the local churches in the region as we labour together in God’s harvest field.

Please get in touch if you’d like to know more, or have comments or questions.

With best wishes,

Jerry Fowler
Interim Director of Training, South Central Gospel Partnership

our trustees

James Muldoon
Carey Baptist Church, Reading
Peter Comont
Trinity Church, Oxford
Lizzie Ling
St Ebbe's Church, Oxford
Tom Putt
St John the Baptist Church, Burford
Phil Butcher
Grace Church, Kidlington